Meet the Team of Definite Glam Scarves UK

Here are some details about the skills, interests and passions of the team of Definite Glam Scarves UK. So, you will find out why our Team is so unusual.

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definite glam team Karolina Roga

Karolina Roga

She is an incurable adorer of cats and Old Masters’ paintings.
So, she could easily live in the museum of old art.
Karolina is fascinated with all kind of beauty and noble ideas.
Privately, a decisive visionary with clearly established goals and a great sense of humour.
She decided to apply her artistic passions and skills in fashion.
Therefore, she perfectly found herself as an artist director and stylist in Definite Glam.

definite glam team Aneta Musielak

Aneta Musielak

Her passion is cooking and most of all, eating.
Aneta is a great fan of miniature pieces of art and precisely made objects.
She is passionate about language learning, not only for reading recipes, and travelling.
Moreover, for many years Aneta is in love with the salsa dance.
Because she is easy-going and flexible, she uses her great interpersonal skills as a PR specialist.

definite glam team Wojciech Roga

Wojciech Roga

He is an enthusiast of ancient cultures and exotic languages which he is studying passionately.
Wojciech is a perfectionist in his professional activities in rocket science.
Privately, kindhearted idealist.
Moreover, he is fond of analyzing various patterns and ornaments in the art.
Finally, he is Definite Glam team’s priceless technical help and advisor.