Beige Ethnic Scarf – Chocolate with Caramel Filling

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Chocolate melody of delightful beiges and browns with the delicate accent of caramel shine

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Beige Pashmina Ethnic Pattern Scarf

Mixed Animal Print, Reversible, Creamy and Goldish Colours, Lightly Frayed Scarf

Colour: Brown, Cream & Gold

Material: 70% Pashmina, 30% Silk

Size (Approx.): 184cm x 70cm (rectangle shape)

Features of the Silk-Pashmina Ethnic Scarves

Who does not feel sometimes like having a little bit of chocolate? This fabulous scarf is made of chocolate symphony of colours and softness of touch. Subtle melody of the brownish tints is making warm as a cup of hot chocolate in cold evening. This is a large scarf made of pashmina and silk. The mixture gives a nice shine to this elegant scarf. Additionally, the warm colours, beige and brown scarf perfectly fit to many fashion stylisations. The leopard print scarf is always in fashion. This ethnic pattern scarf is part of the animal print scarves from Definite Glam UK.




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