Mustard Scarf with silver pattern – Sunflower in the rain


Mustard scarf with the metallic silver zigzag pattern.

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The mustard scarf with the metallic silver zigzag pattern is an absolutely stunning fashion accessory for a woman.

Sunflower in the rain

Metallic Silver Zigzag pattern on the Mustard  base, Light Scarf, Mustard scarf

Colour: Mustard, Silver Metallic Zigzag

Material: 40% Cotton  60% Viscose

Size (Approx.): 90cm x 185cm

Stylist Notes about the Scarves with the metallic zigzag pattern

Sunflower in the rain is a light scarf with many appealing features.

For instance, one of them is the spectacular zigzag metallic pattern which adds a glamorous factor to this unique shawl.

Besides, pay attention to the highest quality fabric of this scarf.

Its edges are finished with great precision.

The most stylish colour of this season completes the metallic pattern and creates the unique charm of the design.

This scarf is made for being a piece of jewellery that warms your heart and shoulders.

So, fall in love with this beautiful mustard scarf or see more recommended scarves for this season from Definite Glam UK.

Enjoy shopping at your favourite fancy scarves boutique.



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