Plain Grey Scarf – Irresistible

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Irresistible Suedette Wrap to create an irresistible look of the season- discover your boho soul and hit the town in style!

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Shockingly Fancy Wrap to Crown the Season in Style

Beautiful Suede Large Wrap with Fancy Studs and Tassels

Colour: Dark Grey

Material: 100% Viscose (Suede-like)

Size (Approx.): 164cm x 72cm x 25cm (triangle shape)

Tassel: 20cm

Dark Ash Scarves with Studs and Tassels

Fashion scarf that underlines elegance and nonchalance at once. The grey colour of this wrap is irresistible. Long tassels bring associations with the fashion of Harley subculture. The shawl with studs is the must-have fashion accessory in this fashion season. Discover your boho soul and hit the fashionable town with this fantastic accessory.

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